The Last Hurrah

Did God paint the leaves

He must have done

Did he bore of their eternal green

Look, he even dulled the sky blank grey

So the sum of all leaves

Would have its day

Their yellow, pink, and orange day

I wonder if he ever considered another

Blue or purple maybe

But these are good enough

More than that even

One last hurrah

Before the trees go bare

And we wait it out

The Question Game

Is life more like this or that?

Can you waste it?

And where does it go if you do?

Does it end up with the asparagus gone bad last week?

That’s just death, isn’t it?

And death’s just the circle of life, isn’t it?

If life is serious then why do we end up like the asparagus?

And, moreover, why does asparagus make your pee smell weird?

A reason

Life needs no reason to be beautiful

We should know that by now

Does any other collection of atoms demand this?

Does any other creature toil to make it so?

And after millennia of failure

We stick with our folly

No, life just



And one day

Should we stop demanding reasons of life

We will find a reason in the next out-breath

And the next

And the next

The birds and the words

Words are just words

They can never be birds

And though I love them

I must let them go

Fall into the heap

Of all I’ve ceased to worship

They are the playthings

Of the thinking brain

And their value is only

What it is

But words are not

What it is

Not birds

Nor the universe

Words are a foggy mist

Suggesting the form of truth

Mere suggestions towards


Which lies beyond

Embracing Uncertainty